Our Services

Technical Training Consultation

With this service, we can assist you with the planning and design phases of your training development project. The overall success of any project requires proper planning and design.

Instructional Design

While important throughout the training development project, proper Instructional Design during the design and development phases can lead to the success of a project. We can work with your team of stakeholders and subject matter experts to ensure your design will meet the needs of the target audience while keeping the project in scope, on time and on budget.

Editorial Services

There are three levels of editorial services we can provide: light, medium and full.

With the Light editorial service, we will scan through your training materials looking for and fixing obvious formatting, spelling and grammatical errors.

With the Medium editorial service, we will perform a complete read-through of your training materials looking for and fixing obvious formatting, spelling and gramatical errors.

In addition to what is included with the Medium editorial service, the Full editorial service includes adding trademark and branding to your course materials.

Training Delivery

Our trainers are not only experienced delivery trainers, they are also subject matter experts. Our trainers can deliver anything from a 4 hour 100 level introductory class; to a multi-day 300 level technical class; to a series of classes over an extended period of time.

If you would like to know more about the topics our trainers are prepared to deliver, please see the Training Delivery page or contact us for additional information.

Copy Writing

This service includes technical writing, advertising copy and blog content.

Training Development Project Management

We can manage specific phases or your entire training development project to make sure your project comes in within scope, time and budget.

Quality Assurance

During our quality assurance pass, we will test all aspects of the course including user interface functionality, course material presentation and end-to-end functionality of the hands-on-labs. We can even test your classroom setup to remove one of the earliest opportunities students have for negative impressions of the training and classroom experience.

Database Design and Development

Our consultants can help you or your small business with your database needs through design, development and user interface creation using Microsoft Access.